The Greenwich Men's Rugby Club was founded by Andres Sheppard, Chris Rosa, Dan Rosa & James Dailey, and has partnered with the OGRCC to offer a competitive and a social Adult Rugby program in Greenwich.

Established in 2015, the Greenwich Men's Rugby Club competes in the Empire GU league which is a subset of USA Rugby. Above all, the program is aimed to promote the growth and the development of the sport by emphasizing game philosophy and its rules, sportsmanship and fair play.


Greenwich Men's Rugby Club - 2018

Our History / Our Crest

Our crest was an attempt to encapsulate the origins of Greenwich Men’s Rugby and to display that history next to our vision for the future. Our crest is comprised of a blue, white, and red color scheme. The use of blue and white is a reference to our club’s first and most important partner, the Old Greenwich Riverside Community Center. When Andres Sheppard first reached out to Dan Rosa, Chris Rosa, and James Dailey in 2015, the OGRCC was the first organization that decided to work with us. The club would never have gotten off the ground without their support and expertise, and we are proud to display their colors on our crest. The OGRCC also has a youth program, teaching the game to kids as young as 6, until age 14. Our partnership with the organization, and the youth program was established since day 1 of our club.

This ties in nicely with the cardinal in the lower left quadrant, and our use of red in two elements. All four founders, and a large number of current club members, are alumnus of the Greenwich High School Rugby program. The mentorship we received from our coaches in that program was critical in shaping our love for the sport and our commitment to excellence on and off the field. We know that the future success of our program is tied directly to the success of the high school program, and hope to enhance our ties with the high school in the years to come.

In the top left of our crest are crossed swords. In many military traditions, the sword is used as a symbol of leadership. Within our crest we are demonstrating our commitment to an active role in promoting rugby locally, and our determination to promote the highest standards of sportsmanship, inclusiveness, and professionalism.

The top right of our crest is a rugby ball with three vertical stars. That ball isn’t there just because we’re a rugby club; all four founders had been apart from each other for years and were in very different pursuits when this project began. It was our love of rugby that brought us and many of our players together after so long apart. We feel that rugby is unlike any other sport in its ability to promote camaraderie and friendship, and wanted to memorialize those values on our crest. The three vertical stars are representative of the three rugby programs currently operating in Greenwich, and our desire to build one cohesive community out of these groups.

Greenwich Men’s Rugby Football Club is very pleased to present our supporters with this crest and again wants to thank Helen Murphy, James O’Donohue, Chris Rosa and everybody else who’ve supported us to this point. We look forward to many more years of success and growth, and to the development of a true rugby family in Greenwich